PHP is a server-side scripting language used all over the world for general purposes. Earlier, PHP used to be the short for Personal Home Page. It is now known as ‘PHP: Hypertext Processor’. It is very helpful for web development and can be blended into HTML too.

Moreover, it is easy to learn. PHP includes many functions without the need for namespace importing. You can decide whether to write object oriented code or not. The syntax is also similar with weakly typed variables.

The simplicity in using PHP sometimes acts against it. Since there are very few coding restrictions, developers tend to write a bad code. The answer to this is definitely to use a framework. There are various PHP Frameworks available today like Zend Framework, CakePHP Framework and CodeIgniter. They provide a strong organization for your application and follow the commonly used MVC pattern.

Some of the other advantages of using a framework are:

  1. MVC structured code:MVC or Model- View- Controller is a well-known design pattern that demarcates the database and business logic from the presentation layer. This results in simple, clean and understandable code.
  2. Maintaining the coding standards:The MVC code is easy to write and also follows the code restrictions. Due to a uniform and standard coding, things are simpler and bugs can be resolved faster. This will save you a lot of worry and it will be easier to find out where the problem lies.
  3. Attractive URLs:Almost all these frameworks make sure that your URLs look attractive and easy to access. Apache takes care of requests for a particular URL, which further invokes the central framework object. The end-users can only see the URL pasted on their browser, and cannot make out that you are using PHP for the same.

  4. Get all the help you need:When you use a PHP framework, you no longer need to manually enter all the validation criteria for forms etc. The only thing you should do is instantiating a new form validator object and instruct it as you wish. It will handle the rest.
  5. Finish coding faster:Frameworks help the developers to write code in lesser time than usual. This leaves them with some extra time for themselves.All said and done, there is always the option of writing your own framework for your application. However, when you have something like CakePHP doing a lot of nifty things for you or a Zend that provides great functionality, you can select one depending on your requirements. So just choose a framework and start coding!
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