What is Your Fav PHP Framework?

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I have touched on PHP frameworks before that has sparked up a lot of discussion.  A lot of people swear by one framework and other developers another.  Before you first get into one you might want to ask yourself if you need to use a PHP framework.  You might not even need to use one.  But the fact is that over time, they can significantly reduce development time.

Okay, so let’s say that you are new to PHP frameworks.  There are a few popular choices out there to sink your teeth into, but which one?  You don’t want to pick a framework to spend days upon days learning the architecture, only to find out that no other PHP developers out there are using that framework.  Thus making the time you spent learning the framework’s ins and outs a waste of time.

In a perfect world, I would suggest to learn them all!  However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and prioritizing your PHP framework education might be a good idea. So above I added a poll that I plead to other PHP developers out there to vote on.  Hopefully after a lot of participation we will see the most popular PHP framework.

Remember, BrownPHP is a site that helps other PHP developers.  By us learning what the most popular PHP frameworks, it will allow us to become more efficient, and ultimately more successful!  If you do feel strongly about one PHP framework over another, please leave a comment and explain why you chose the PHP framework that you did.